Recently, I have had some incidents which attested that ALL the people in my life with exception of  ‘the one’ ( and maybe my mom too) firmly believe that I can not cook ( only because they have never witnessed it not because they have seen any ultimate failure). And even my best friend, who on many occasions said that I am good at everything I attempt, does not hide the fact that she does not believe I am capable of any culinary achievements.

Well, something needed to be done to counteract this paradox, even more so as I have been thinking of re-starting blogging for a while now, and maybe this event will give me the extra nudge.

But  this is not to say that this will be a cook blog. ( NO WAY)

This blog will be about all the flavors of life around me and the things that interest me, which you will find more about if you keep visiting.

Things are quite raw around here for now, but it will grow and prosper. If you have any suggestions give me buzz…