Paradoxical Testimonies of Peoples’ assumptions regarding my cooking skills ( said to my face)

RH: ” I do not imagine her being that type… You probably just prepare everything and she just turns on the flame and puts it on the stove”
KI: “I’m sure you’re the cook in the house, not her, now can you tell me some simple dishes I can make as I am going to start  living alone”
My Brother: ” When she lived with us she only did salads and baked potato and the occasional omlette”
GS – Co-worker: ” Are you going to invite me to Iftar?…. So the menu will be Salad, soup and escalope?…. No I do not think you can cook anything else…”
My Aunt & Dad: ” Are you eating well? Where do you get food from? You cook by yourself?”

  Compliments ( Mainly from significant other, but trust me when criticizing he is completely unbiased)

‘SO’: “She can only cook but she also creates things from scratch.”

 {more to come as juicy things come along}