On September 9, 2009, Animals Lebanon turned one year old I copndider their TNR project their major accomplishment , being an unprecedented initiative in Lebanon. Pioneering a Trap Neuter Return  ( TNR ) voucher program for the first time to Lebanon, the evryone in the comunity joined efforts to help stop suffering before it starts. An expert vet from abroad came to help train local vets on large scale TNR projects, and dozens of cats were saved from poisoning on a local university campus after they were all spayed and neutered. Moreover, their shelter has allowed to rescue more than 200 cats and dogs.

However that is not all, and more is to come. Animals Lebanon President Lana El-Kahlil says :   “While we are proud of everything we have accomplished so far, this is just a small start and a tiny step to bringing about a culture in Lebanon that embraces animals… Expect much more from us in the coming twelve months – more community involvement, more uplifting stories that show why our work is so important, and many more animals saved.”

Visit Animals Lebanon website to find out how you can help their cause.


[Image via: Animalslebanon.org]