Those who like the Boot-over-Jeans look will immediately appreciate the genius of this nifty accessory. No more hard manual labor stuffing your jeans in and fear of it bulging out & scrounging around the knees* … Stiruppz will keep your jeans perfectly tucked in at all times! And according to the suppliers website they provide the perfect level of tension, getting their job done sans discomfort.


The price, 25 USD, seems a bit over for the ”alligator clips – elastics”  combo, plus one will need to ship them from the US, and everyone knows Lebanese Customs taxes are a bitch. So it’s extra skinnies-into-boots for me until a viable Syrian or chinese alternative is available. Nevertheless, one cannot but admire the products idea, it has that floating flashbulb characteristic. Right Gals?

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* Guys reading this are definitely thinking Gals OVER think it, but we really do!