The corwd at the closing of the Beirut International film festival


As is the case with most events in Lebanon, the Awards ceremony of the BIFF 09 started 40 minutes fashionably later than the time imprint on the tickets.  And I would have expected the ceremony, as a whole, to have been at least a bit more organized… after the first 15 minutes everybody was laughing their heads off at the lack of coordination between the presenters.

fool attendance at the venue (beirut international film festival)

the opening of the BIFF09 closing ceremony, 40 minutes late!the awards of the beirut film fesival

Amreeka wins viewer's prize at the Beirut International Film FestivalAmrika won two awards, one of which was  the Audience Vote. This movie will be launched in Lebanese Cinemas in 2 weeks, so I believe it’s a good watch.




what should i do, what should i say?But of course, we were not there for the ceremony we were there to watch Ang Lee’s “Taking Woodstock”, which was ”Beautiful”!

At times, while watching the movie you’d forget that it’s not a documentary, the shooting is very live! Plus I loved the colors, the styling , and the fact that all the actors have fresh new faces, all of which  makes it even more believable.

What is interesting about the movie is that though it focuses on controversies such as sex, trans-sexuality, homosexuality and drugs it neither condemns nor encourages any, perfectly in line with the hippie life philosophy of “peace”. 

As with any good meal, the movie ends making you craving for just a bit more, and that is art my dears!

Oh and have I mentioned the UNBELIEVABLE laughs?! The trailer doesn’t do it justice, BTW.


Also we were lucky enough to visit the Hasbayya Mouneh mini-exhibition , held at the Unesco palace. You can still go and visit it today!

some trinkets from the hasbayya mouneh exhibitionsome trinkets from the hasbayya mouneh exhibition