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The Chamber of Commerce of Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon (CCIA)* is once again holding its Business Administration Training Programs in collaboration with CCI Versailles. Participants can choose amongst four programs Business Administration, Marketing Management, Financial Management or Human Resources Management. And the final diploma  will be certified by both CCIA Beirut & CCI Versailles, which will make you a holder of an international diploma.

It was very hard to find someone who has actually taken this program before. I have actually found one Lebanese expat who attended another  CCIA business related training program (Documentary Credit) and he was very satisfied with its practical applications**.

So, Having no further testimonies I phoned CCIA up to check for details.  I really wanted to know if it is worth the money ( as I was considering taking their marketing course – been doing so since last year).  And this is what I’ve found out:

– The classes will be in English and the professors are Lebanese ( PhD holders from prestigious establishments worldwide)

– The course is built on practical training (case studies) primarily, with some book cramming involved

– Examination is administered at the end of the four month training  period and those who passed examination will receive their certification ( certified by both CCIA Beirut & CCI Versailles) ***

– Course consists of a  96-hour program starting on October     5, 2009 and delivered twice a week from 6 pm to 9 pm.

– Courses will take place in CCIAB, Sanayeh (next to Sanayeh Garden)

– The fee is 680 USD per program + VAT ( one can not forget VAT could they?)

– Each class contains a maximum of 12 students (me thinks it is a very good deal)

Registration before October 1, 2009 (Places are limited)

For Further Information/Registration, please call 01-744167


As for me, I found an old email about a program CCIA did this summer in collaboration with the American Marketing Association ( AMA), and I think I am going to wait for a second run of that show. Marketing professional wise this one is more rated, and I would like to believe that they will have something to say about New Media Marketing by that time as well. But those looking for additional backing to their existing certifications in Business Administration, Finance & HR will undoubtedly benefit both technically and CV Karma wise by taking these courses.

Good Luck in your career path wherever it may take you!




* Who unfortunately don’t have ANY relevant info on their training courses on the website.

** Twitter world, and Lebanese tweeps are amazingly responsive. Thanx guys!

*** If you do not pass the exam, you can not retake it untill next year, and then you will have to attend the program all over ( Just so you know).


Update 16-9-9

Also found out about their Business English courses .


This certification / internship program is a great way to get FREE and yet invaluable education. If you are eligible and have a little time, I encourage you not to hesitate and apply.

 Milan Chamber of Commerce encourages Young Lebanese entrepreneurs to participate to the 4th edition of the Euro-Mediterranean School-EMS 2009 that shall be run from October 2009 to February 2010.

The EMS 2009, is an initiative which aims at offering young entrepreneurs from the Euromed countries an opportunity to follow a distance learning program in the field of business management and entrepreneurship.

EMS 2009 aims to offer young managers from the countries bordering on the Mediterranean Sea an opportunity to obtain the entrepreneurial and managerial skills necessary to start and/or develop a business capable of operating in multiple markets within the Mediterranean Basin.

The EMS 2009 is free for all participants and divided into two phases:

Phase A: it consists in an on-line course entitled” business Strategy, International Growth and the business plan” which is compatible with everyone’s work responsibilities.

Phase B: the top 20 students shall be invited to spend 4 weeks in Milan, Italy to continue their coursed and have an internship.


The course will be taught in English

 Deadline for Application submission is September 15th 2009


 For more info check out: 

EMS Internship Explanatory note


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