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This was sitting in my draft folder for an eternity, I’m gonna just quick post it since the issue was brought up @twitter.

Dunkin Donuts Fire Fighter's campaign

From mid-October until the end of November, Dunkin’ Donuts customers will be able to donate 1,000 L.L. to the Beirut firefighters’ brigade with each purchase of 1 small Dunkalatte or Dunkaccino and 1 Donut. The Beirut Fire Department will use the amount collected to purchase severely needed equipment that will enable them to better save and preserve the environment and thus, to benefit the society at large.  Source : Executive Bulletin


Where Dunkin Donuts Fails?

– The guys does not look like a Lebanese Fire Fighter.

– The posters only started appearing recently, while I was stalking shops all of last month to find one.

Lessons to be learned

If you want your campaign to succeed, have images that your audience can identity with.

IF you want a campaign to succeed, campaign in advance agressively.



Someone ought to do this to the Lebanese ‘politicians’ as well shouldn’t they? Can you imagine all the fun and political pun that will come out of it? Imagine people of opposing political views gathering for Tea? This is a great promo item for ‘black campaigning’ too! I love it!




These products are offered by German Design Company Dunkey Products and are part of their ‘Tea Party’ Series. They also have a whole range of other interesting ‘non-tea related’ cult items.


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